Kabuki face painting is owned by Annette Force

Who offers face painting, theatrical make-up

and casualty effects for both educational purposes

and the wider community. Please have a look at the gallery for

examples of face painting and theatrical make-up.













Face painting

Face painting is an enjoyable and entertaining activity.

We offer a friendly, fun and reliable service

providing face painting for

Children's Parties

Promotional and corporate events

fun days, weddings, christenings or

simply to entertain children and parents alike.


Cheek art and stamp designs for arms are

available for those that don't want a full face paint or where time is limited.

Fake wounds including cuts, bruises

severed thumbs are available for more gruesome effects


Balloon modeling

We have recently introduced balloon modeling and

have found it to be a popular addition to the face painting

Please contact us for more information














Fully Equipped

Kabuki face painting is self contained

including all materials, table to work on,

chair for the client, board to display designs and a

gazebo for outdoor events.



We are based in Rochdale

Covering the whole of the North West.

(from Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside
Liverpool, Chester, Preston, Blackpool and north Wales.)

For parties located outside a ten mile radius of Rochdale

an additional fee will be charged to cover travel expenses




Make-up and Casualty Effects

Other services include theatrical and media make-up for

community projects, theatre productions and TV



Annette also provides workshops in face painting,

theatrical make-up and casualty effects for

community groups, schools,

voluntary organisations, clubs and individuals.

You can find more information on the workshops page of this site.



Working profile

Annette has over 9 years face painting experience

and a Diploma in Theatrical and Media Make-up

Previous work includes:

TV promotions, film and theatrical premieres

ITV Drama-Make up and casualty effects

Store Promotions-covering the North West

Curtain theatre, Gracie fields, Playhouse 2

Wythenshawe Youth Theatre Group

Schools, fund raising events, Surestart

Festivals-Glastonbury and V

Parties and corporate events



Professional Ethics

To ensure clients get the very best service

Kabuki face painting practices a high standard of work, hygiene,

appearance and maintains a clean and safe working environment

for both public and private events.

All clients and performers are treated fairly.



Health and hygiene

We follow health and safety

guidelines for the workplace.

For hygiene and safety purposes:

Water is changed frequently and a clean sponge used per client.

Brushes are rinsed between each client and placed on disposable paper

Working surfaces are clean

Gowns are used to protect clothing

Head bands, hair clips and baby wipes are used where necessary

Hands are cleaned between clients using facial cleanser

A waste bag is used to keep work surfaces clean and tidy

All bags, coats and belongings are placed out of the public way

Risk assessment for individual bookings are available on request



Face Paints and Make-up

All the materials used including poly glitters are

professional products and are manufactured for use on skin.

Face paints and cake make-up (used for theatre) are water based,

contain antibacterial agents and can easily be removed with warm soapy water.

Children under the age of 2 can not be face painted due to sensitivity of the skin.

Brands we use include: Grimas, Paradise, Snazaroo, Kryolan and Graftobian

Safety Data sheets and formulation of colours are available on request per organiser/event

Other products such as latex-used for character make-up and casualty effects may

need a skin test prior to application



Insurance and CRB

Annette has full public liability insurance covered up to 5000.000 for

all types of services mentioned on this site and a

current enhanced CRB certificate. Both are available on request.



































































Things you need to know before you book...


Skin complaints


It is the responsibility of the organiser, guardian or performers to notify us of any skin allergies/complaints prior to the make-up/face paint being applied.

We will refuse to face paint/make-up anyone that

suffers from any contagious or infectious skin complaints including psoriasis, cold sores, eye infections, impetigo, open wounds and inflamed scaly skin.

Face paint/make-up is not recommended for clients with dry or sensitive skin as it could in some cases worsen their condition or cause irritation.

To avoid disappointment we may be able to paint on an arm, hand or feet instead.

If you are concerned or have any questions regarding the above please contact us.




If the guardian/performer does not disclose any infection or skin complaint then Kabuki will not be held responsible for any adverse reaction caused by the paints or products used.


Parental consent

Children will not be face painted unless they are accompanied by a consenting adult at all times.

At private events/parties it is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure parents/guardians have given permission and that in their absence the organiser ensures children are kept at a safe distance from the workstation and not to allow inquisitive hands to play with the products as this may contaminate them and are expensive to replace.


We do not paint children under the age of two, as they have sensitive skin and do not understand the concept of face painting.


For parties located outside a ten mile radius of Rochdale an additional fee will be charged to cover travel expenses.


Tel: 01706 644460

Mobile: 07963 463 094

Email: annette.force@tiscali.co.uk

Kabuki Face painting

Contact Us

Tel: 01706 644460

Mobile: 07963 463 094

Email: annette.force@tiscali.co.uk



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